Monday, December 21, 2009

Goodbye 1430H&2009... Welcome 1431H&2010..

Waa.... 2009 almost the end... and we r already in 1431H... time passes so fast.. throughout this year... i'd gone thru sooooo much thing in my life... i learnt a lot of things... and experienced a lot of things... Something good about this year was i did a lot of so-called 'self-reflection' or 'muhasabah diri'... I learnt 'bout myself more... and so, i wish this coming new year, there will be an improvement....

Other big thing happened was, of course, my engagement... 27 June 2009... will never forget the day.. my experience about the 'engaged life' was so great... that was the time i got closer with my becoming new family and of course with my beloved fiance... InsyaAllah.. soon we are getting married and a new chapter of our life begin... Wishing everything's gonna be fine.. just that, i need to prepare myself well..

Oh, not to forget.. I will also start working in other firm on this coming new year... Going through the next level in my career, perhaps... I really2 hope.. this time i could perform better... as an appreciation for the 'rezeki' given by Him..

Ok, will end here.. wishing all you guys, a very Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

If only...

If only people...
not to ignore me, but care about me
not to blame me, but support me
not to dislike me, but love me
not to discourage me, but encourage me
not to sceptical about me, but understand me...

.... i could be better...

-Saturday, 19/12/2009, 11.45pm

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hate myself..

Time goes by...
Now im 24 going on 25..
At dis moment,
i can't stop hating myself..
for not being the best..

I know im not perfect..
i did so many wrongs..
to people around me
and to my own self..
i wish i could do better..
but im only human..
im so sorry...

please forgive me..
people could hate me..
as i hate myself too..
but dun let the love to me
fly away...
coz i need it.. want it..
to continue the journey...
journey towards..
becoming a better person..


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